Abdel Adrian

Influential noble of Baldur's Gate, and self-appointed "face" of the city


Abdel was one of the more well-known nobles of Baldur’s Gate, a friendly man who tried to put a positive spin on the (recently-declining) image of the city. A bit on in years, but still muscular and handsome, the noble made many a lady swoon in his efforts to be the charismatic figurehead of the grand city.

However, apparently his friendly demeanor got under someone’s skin, as there have been rumors of stalkers and assassination attempts over the last several months.

Wary of the safety of his own life (though many said it was simply paranoia), he contacted an old friend, now the leader of the Gilded Apple adventuring guild, to contract a little bit of extra help. The group arrived on the day of a grand celebration in Baldur’s Gate, with a festival being thrown by none other than Abdel himself.

Unfortunately, the adventurers arrived just moments too late. They watched as an attempted assassin attacked the charismatic noble, and though they were able to intervene on his behalf, things only went from bad to worse as Abdel turned into a horrifying, hulking beast of a creature and went on a rampage in the fairgrounds, killing several innocents (and a few of his attackers) before the adventurers could put him down for good.

And that, my dear friends, is how a man paid for his own death.


Abdel Adrian

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