Tales of the Gilded Apple

Introductions Are In Order
The Man Who Bought His Own Death

Our intrepid heroes have heard of an Adventuring Guild promising copious amounts of excitement and money. The Gilded Apple by name, based out of Athkatla (the City Of Gold) to the south, several people approached for membership in the illustrious organization.

As part of an initiation test, five greenhorn adventurers were chosen to run a simple — but important — mission for the guild. Go to Baldur’s Gate, meet with a contact (and old friend) of the guild master, and act as his bodyguard for a few weeks just to ease his mind.

Each of them were Windwalked to the temple of Helm in Baldur’s Gate, and learned that the man they were to protect, Abdel Adrian, was a well-known noble, and currently was in attendance at a large celebration for the founding of the city.

The group made their way to The Wide in record time (though stopping at a well-known tavern on the way), and arrived just in time to see Abdel step up to the stage for a rousing speech that brought a cheer to the loyal citizens in attendance.

However, all was not well. Moments later, a hooded man approached the stage and made an attempt on Abdel’s life. He was able to fend the assailant off momentarily, long enough for our heroes to make their move. Sneaking their way past the assailant’s thugs, they took the fight straight to the head, and struck down the assassin handily.

This was not the end of it, though. Upon seeing his assailant fall, Abdel himself was overcome with some kind of bloodlust, and a transformation overtook him. He was engulfed in some kind of dark aura that twisted his body. His muscles bulged, he grew horrid horns and claws and fangs, and he towered into the air. He leapt from the stage, and began eviscerating the innocents of the faire.

The heroes swept into action, chasing after the man-turned-beast, and through a bit of effort (and unwanted help from the former assassins), they were able to lay the beast low, after which point Abdel returned to his previous form, dead and gone from this world.

At the request of the city guard, the heroes made their way to the Three Kegs tavern to relax and await questioning.


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